Friday, March 4, 2011

Live with it!

After a lunch hour visit from our contractor, designer and architectural technologist, we were all chatting about home improvement shows.  One of them commented that on many of the shows the designers, it seemed, ended up taking over from the homeowners, either by kicking them out and they would only see their homes when they were finished, or by taking over on decisions so that the owners lost "ownership" of the final result.

What I am enjoying about the process so far with our reno. plan, is that Drew and I are very active in all the design decisions.  Drew started a floor plan at least 2 years ago, and it went through at least 20 50 iterations  before the designer came on the scene. Drew measured the house, drew our current layout and then started playing with various floor plans.  Here is a peek into two layouts considered somewhere along the way for our second floor, but not what we have chosen to do. (Don't worry, we will reveal plans when they are finalized.  In the meantime, we will keep you guessing!)
  Yellow identifies our current home.  This exercise of looking at all these different layouts was at times frustrating, but I appreciate it now, because we worked through so many possibilities sitting side by side at our desk, that we knew what we did, and didn't want.  Once the designer got involved, she did bring new possibilities and limitations :( to light.    Sometimes we have had to stand our ground over things that we know we want, but it is only after considering her professional input.

  I have heard people say that before renovating a newly purchased house, one should live in it for a while to see the flow, how the rooms are really used.  Well, after 11 years, I feel like we know our house and how we use it.  We just want to love it again.

That is how we came up with our wish list:
  • larger kitchen with island - (When our kids talk about kitchens they like, they talk about sitting at an island or bar, open to the living area.)
  • extra bedroom - we would like to have guests once in a while
  • master ensuite and closet
  • mudroom
  • main floor powder room                                                                                                                   (All these things may seem basic to those living in new suburban builds, but they are luxuries for anyone living in an unrenovated post-war era home like ours.)
Then there are the little things we have dreamed of over the past several years:
  • more than one outlet in the dining room - I know, we dream BIG!
  • an outlet beside the stairs for our Christmas garland (thanks, Andrea!)
  • a real hall closet and proper entrance,  with room to move so we are not pinned into our 4x3 vestibule/closet when someone comes to the door
  • a living room layout that works
  • a fully renovated main bathroom - the only room we haven't changed, except to paint, since we moved in
I feel so lucky that we are ready and able to start this exciting project.

****Please note, though my husband may have named this blog, he does understand that "'Gimme, gimme' never gets!" 


    1. Wow you did it! Congratulations on joining the blogosphere, and on being able to renovate your home! I LOVE the ginormous tape measure!

    2. Thanks for following, Audrey. You are an inspiration. Maybe I will incorporate some of the ideas for classroom blogging into my personal blog.
      Re: the tape measure - I can honestly say, without exaggeration, that a tape measure has been used at least once a day in our house for the last three months. We are obsessed with house planning... and more than a little crazy :)