Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the Thick of Things!

Wow!  I thought things were busy at our house a few weeks ago.  I am hoping that now is the really busy time because if the need for immediate decisions gets any heavier, my head might just blow off!  Interestingly, people keep asking me why I don't seem stressed.  Hmm... I must be hiding it better than I thought.

Decisions made in the last few weeks seem to be about things we thought we had decided.  For example, we picked lovely bathroom tile for the master bath but, it is back ordered and we couldn't hold up the work.  So we had to go on the hunt for a similar tile (bathroom colour was based on the tile) that was available to work with the timeline.

More reno fun, our side door and our front door both arrived just slightly wrong but the problems were significant enough that the doors need to be returned.  The front door came with a very shiny white finish (it was meant to be paintable) and the side door opened the wrong way (into the light switches!)

We also had to chose a different granite because the slabs we picked were not big enough for the island, we had to pick paint colours, hinges and door knobs, tile patterns, etc.  Phew!  No wonder that when I was out for a much needed girls night I was yawning before 10 PM. 

New windows and roof over entrance
All in all, the process has been stressful but exciting.  We have all our new windows and stucco is ready to start this week which will completely change the face of our house.  Stay tuned for photos.  Here are some recent shots

The kids heading in to scope out the colours in their rooms
We have the unbelievable good fortune to be able to stay on our street for July and August.  Thank you this time to J & C,  we have stayed within two doors of our house during most of the construction process.

There have been two good omens in the past week.  I walked into the house one night last week to find several of my neighbours walking around our kitchen family room-to-be, wine glasses in hand.  I look forward to celebrating the end of this process with friends properly in that very room when we are back in our home.

Then this evening we had this sight over the house.  It has to be a good sign, right?
I hope that you can see the rainbow! Note that the gray on the house is not the stucco colour but the wall preparation for stucco.