Friday, February 25, 2011

Ta Da!!!!

Since, as mentioned in my profile info, we have been planning for our renovation/addition for 11 years or so, I am SO anxious to get started.  We have been heading in the right direction since the summer/fall (or was it even the spring?) of 2010: meeting with architects, architectural draftsmen, contractors, designers... and of course, people at the bank.  We have even picked out plumbing and kitchen appliances, but it still didn't seem like it was real.

I think today was the first day that it started to feel like we were getting there, and that is why today, I launch the reno. blog.  TA DA!!!!

At lunch, we had a meeting with our designer and we were all happy (!) with almost everything.  The floorplans we have worked through for months, are now going to the architectural engineer.  Woo hoo!  And today - drum roll please- the designer said that we are almost at the stage of picking colours and finishes - fun time!  Drew has had all the fun poring over floor plan drawings and measurements in the last several months.  Now it is MY time - time to get out my lovingly constructed "look book" and start to play.  I look forward to sharing lots of fun details along the way.

Quick background on decisions: 
1 - As suggested by the title of this blog, we need more space: kitchen space, storage, bathrooms, and, generally, elbow room for two children who keep growing whether we feed them or not.
2 - We decided to add on rather than move, because this way the choices are all ours.  If we moved into a place the right size with everything all done and move-in ready, it might be gorgeous (and expensive), but it wouldn't be our style.  We also LOVE our neighbours and street.  Leaving would be too painful. 
3 - We decided to go with a design-to-build company (no architect) because our home/property allows only for a basic offset box-like addition off the back AND we are not making major changes to the current layout or exterior. Here is what we have now: a small two storey house with brick bottom and siding on top.  The two little people who share the house are pictured in front.  The photo is a few years old but gives you the basic idea.  I promise, there will be lots of before shots in future posts.  We will all have to be patient for the "afters".

4 - We chose the company based on glowing recommendations after hearing so many horror stories.  The process has been long to get to this stage, but so far, we like the people we are working with. Let's see how my tone changes over the course of the next several months.

Warning:  There will be tears!  No surprise to those who know me.

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