Thursday, March 10, 2011

Renovation Affirmations

When things get stressful in my life, I try to use the power of positive thinking, a habit I got from my mom.  For example, when I had less than stellar hostel experiences as a younger traveller, I would say to myself, " I can sleep anywhere for one night."  When my kids are going through a particular challenging period: "It's just a phase!"  If times are tough at work: "I love my job and everyone I work with."  So as I prepare for some of the stresses of  months of disruption in my home, I am thinking ahead to the affirmations that will help me maintain (regain?) sanity.

So far, I have been inspired by my friend who is almost back home - can't wait! - after living away for 6 months during the worst of her major reno project.  She seems to be going with, "We are so lucky to be able to do this kind of project."  Like it!  Big renos are expensive and it is true that we are incredibly lucky to have what we have and be able to live so comfortably.  Our family is fortunate in so many ways.  So what if we are slightly inconvenienced for a few months?   You can follow the story of their almost finished home renovation and her positive attitude here.

Another postive thought is, "In less than a year you will be living in your newly renovated home!"  This one never fails to make me take a breath and consider how time flies.  Though there will certainly be stress and inconvenience and the threat of poverty, it will be a distant memory in a few years.

Another neighbour kept this positive thought in mind during her renovation:  After having her home appraised, she checked listing for homes of similar size in the suburbs, and determined that if they got in over their heads financially, they would still have enough left over to provide a home for their family.  She could breathe again.

What am I telling my kids who know that we will have to leave our house for a while and that things will change  in the only home they have ever known.  I tell them, "Wherever we go, we will be together.  It will all be good!"

OM! (Yoga at our annual street party - one of the reasons to add on rather than move.)

Please share your positive thoughts and suggestions for daily renovation affirmations.


  1. Dianne where are you going to move in the meantime? It is the best thing to do, though, moving out. I have a friend who thought it would be better to stay suring major renos and she said it was the stupidest thing she ever did. It made everything take longer and their quality of life was zip.

  2. Hi Audrey, We are going to try to leave for the worst of it - 2 months - living one month in an executive rental $$$ but flexible and then we plan to take over Kerry's house while she is away for a month. I am hoping that the time away will save sanity, although not dollars.