Friday, June 10, 2011

Excitement on the Street

A wall?!  Now that is some real progress.  The basement looked small but when I opened our current back door and looked out to see the new rooms in progress - woo hoo!  Exciting.

But we have to take a little bad with the good.  Amazingly, after a slow start, the crew seems to be ahead of schedule, which means they want us to move out about two weeks earlier than originally planned.  We will sort something out, but yikes, at the end of the school year the last thing we wanted to do was uproot everyone.  But, if this might mean we move back into a finished house ahead of schedule, we don't want to hold up the works. 

In other news... have I mentioned what a great street we live on?  Probably once or twice. We all came together this week after a big electrical storm  hit Ottawa.  This tree came down on Wednesday night and when it took power out in our neighbourhood, we had a pizza party organized lickety split. 

And after dinner we set up lawn chairs to watch the firefighters close off the intersection and  the hydro workers use two cherry pickers to get the tree of the wires.

  Love the hood!

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  1. Wow you are really lucky! Great neighbours AND hunky firemen....:-)