Friday, May 20, 2011

No going back now!!!

It is tempting to just put in a swimming pool in this giant hole in our backyard, especially as the days get warmer.  You may have noticed that in the last post from about a month ago, I felt that we might be getting a permit any day and the digging was soon to begin.  Well, the digging finally started yesterday.  
Patience is a virtue, and certainly one needed when entering into a major renovation.  Permits were held up, at least two different permits were submitted to the city for our project (we were hoping to use a new product but the city wasn't sure what to do with it...) and we waited. We are just accepting that we have little control at this point.  The city, weather, manufacturers, sub-contractors...  Any of these can disrupt our schedule.  

The permit is posted, we are official and there is no going back now!

Our neighbours are being very supportive and understanding as the big trucks arrive on the street around 7 AM and start the noisy process of digging up our backyard and driveway.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful community, the main reason why we are renovating and not moving. A friend of mine suggested that I start baking regularly to keep my neighbours happy.  So street, what should I start with:  muffins or chocolate chip cookies? 

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