Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Party House

One of the reasons for our renovation was to create a better space for entertaining.  We usually had a least one big party a year but it had to be in the summer so we could use our outdoor space.  We have occasional dinner parties, and we love it when the kids' friends hang out at our place.

Last weekend, we tested out our new space with a Movember Stache Bash.  We ended up with about 75 invited guests at a family-friendly, buffet dinner and go-as-long-as-the-last-person-is-standing shindig.

How did the house do in its first real test as an entertaining space?

1 - We used the office as a bar - worked well until the end of the night when 15 people were jammed in the office and I had to move all the booze back to our much more generously sized kitchen.  Lesson learned: kitchen parties are centered in the kitchen because the booze is in the kitchen.

Why are these women wearing moustaches?

Could something here be to blame?

2:  The kitchen did work well as a gathering spot as intended.  Great place to chat near the snacks and ice.  Big island is good!

One corner of the kitchen

Photo courtesy of G. Hayes

3. I didn't take any pics of the buffet in progress as I was a bit too busy running to meet the needs of the kids at the party.  Note that although there were about 35 kids at the party, none are featured in the pics.  That is because they were tucked away in the basement rec. room or upstairs.  We ran two movies to keep the little ones happy so that we could all party down.
Here are some of the stache themed treats from the party.  I admit, I love theme food.  Ask anyone!
Photo by K. Thibeault

Mo Cookies - Photo thanks to K. Thibeault

We got several requests to make our Stache Bash an annual event, so in terms of creating a place for entertaining, mission accomplished.

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